Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get Mac OS X Lion to Work with NTFS [UPDATED]

From a comment in a neighboring blog I successfully got my NTFS drives to mount again after upgrading to Lion. There are paid solutions to NTFS on Lion, but I use Windows-formatted drives so rarely that I can't justify $39.

[UPDATE Aug 31, 2011]
MacFUSE 2.2 has been released with Lion compatibility: There is a 2.2.1 out in the wild, but many have reported that it makes your CPU run like crazy. 2.2.x is expected to be the last MacFUSE release with the new Fuse4X project taking over, but not yet useful for NTFS, as far as I can tell.

Its working great for me and not throwing that weird 15.00000 second timeout error that MacFUSE 2.0.3 was doing. and is simpler than the original method I posted.

Old way...
How to do it:
1. Install the latest version of MacFUSE:

2. Install the lastest MacFUSE core of Tuxera (aka NTFS-3G): Install

Restart as necessary to make it all happy and stuff.


  1. I recommend to use fuse4x+ntfs with macports as better/simpler alternative to the solution above.

    See very detailed instruction here.

    Scroll down to "Fuse4x + NTFS-3G from MacPorts" section.

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